P rofessional experiences of the operating team together with proper location of “Environmental Resource Management Center, Sa Kaew Province” which is 4 kilometers far from the community enhances the efficient, quick and continual operation in treating and eliminating industrial wastes to reach the most satisfaction of industrial entrepreneurs throughout the country.

T he data from Department of Industrial works in 2000 mentions the quantity of hazardous waste or unused materials produced in the country is 1,244,604.22 tons/year or 3,457 tons/day and the quantity of non-hazardous wastes or unused maternal is 3 million tons/year or equal to 8,333 tons/day. The increasing likelihood is average at 10 percent a year.

T hough these wastes brought about from the producing process of industrial sector need to be treated and eliminated correctly in order not to cause any future problems, the capacity of waste treatment and elimination of existing entrepreneurs in all system is only 300,000 tons/year or 833 tons/day.

" PROWASTE " as a new and the biggest service provider in Thailand, is highly ready to lighten this burden in the industrial sector with the following capacities:

- Hazardous Industrial waste 500 tons/day.
- Non-Hazardous Industrial waste 1,000 tons/day.Waste water from       
- Industrial factory 500 tons/day.



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