According to continuous economic growth and expansion in the industrial sector of Thailand, the industrial waste has become a crucial problem, which need to be tackled urgently and properly. Expansion of production capacity of existing industrial plants and the increasing establishment of small and large industrial plants resulting from tax restructuring, loan release by the public sector and other factors has promoted the domestic and overseas investments and has encouraged activities in the industrial sector to become a major source of waste, which has increased rapidly and continuously.

          According to the data of the Department of Industrial Works (in 2000), it is specified that the existing quantity of domestic hazardous waste is 1.2 million tons/year to 3.457 tons/day ; meanwhile, the quantity of domestic non-hazardous waste is approximately 3 million tons/year or equal to 8,333 tons/day and tends to increase by 5 % per year. Meanwhile, the total capacity of hazardous waste disposal of the governmental units and the licensed private enterprises is approximately 300,000 tons/year or equal to 833 tons/day only.

          Therefore, Professional Waste Technology (1999) Public Company Limited was established with its registered capital of 1 million Baht on September 6 th, 1999, to implement a construction project of industrial waste treatment center. During the application in EIA report, the Company’s shareholders established the Waste Exchange Co. Ltd., with the registered capital of 5 million Baht on March 5 th, 2001 to start its business contacts and public relations activities in order to establish its customer bases and to be prepared or future operations of the Company. Waste Exchange Co. Ltd., was appointed as a representative of many cement manufacturing plants within the country to receive industrial waste from customers for cement kilns at cement manufacturing plants because the Company was unable to provide a landfill service at the time.

          Then, the Company was approved by the Office of Environment Policy in the environment impact assessment (EIA) report on December 19 th, 2001, and was given with business operation license No.101 and No.105, in the category of “improvement of the quality of total waste; separation and landfill of hazardous and non-hazardous waste” of which nature and characteristics are prescribed in the Ministerial Regulations No.2 (1992) issued in accordance with the Factory Act 1992. The Company was the first private enterprise, which was licensed by the Department of industrial Works, Ministry, on March 11 th, 2002, and has launched the construction of its industrial waste treatment center in Sa Kaew Province. The Company has increased its registered capital to 200 million Baht and 450 million Baht in 2002 and 2003 respectively, in order to invest in the Project. The industrial waste treatment project in Sa Kaew Province has been carried out since March 2003. At the end of 2003, the Company has completed the treatment of 17,300 tons of hazardous waste and 49,400 tons of non-hazardous waste, or 66,700 tons in total \, which generated an income of 97.8 million Baht to the Company.

          In 2003, the Company has invested 99.9 % of its paid-up capital in waste Exchange Co. Ltd., has its paid-up capital of 10 million Baht.

          The Company has passed its special resolution in the Ordinary Shareholder’s Meeting to increase the registered capital to 600 million Baht; and the Company registered its transformation to a public company on March 18 th, 2004 and has been traded in the Stock Exchange of Thailand on July 23 rd, 2004. For the year 2004, the company treated 46,468 tons of hazardous waste and 100,134 tons of non-hazardous waste, or 146,602 tons in total, which generated an income of 253.6 million Baht to the company, increased to be 259 % of 2004 income.

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