T he treating and eliminating system that more than 100 PROWASTEs staff deliberately and seriously operate to quickly reach the technical and legal standard in one stop service can be shown as in:

1. The elimination of non-hazardous waste by following sanitary landfill system. For the protection and operation of some rainfall percolating through compressed waste landfill that causes leach ate, the project has laid a drainage system by assembling with waste water from decomposed waste and collecting this waste water to leach ate pump sump and transmitting for treating with a non-hazardous water treating system.

2. The elimination of hazardous waste by following stabilization and stabilization process which is a detoxification process by adding chemicals to transfer toxin to non-toxic solution with stabilization the structure of which is difficult to destroy.

3. Water treatment the project designs the system to treat waste water from the factory (COD value is highly around 7,400 19,000 mg/l) by using chemical precipitation treatment to reduce the dirtiness before leaving to biological system of activated sludge process, extended aeration and when waste water is treated through every step, it will be pumped to biological treating system and the water will be filtered to become the standard water.

I n addition, Environmental Resource Management Center, Sa Kaew Province also manages some kinds of industrial water that can be highest exported with the following means:

1. Recycling some kinds of industrial wastes such as electronics board, ash from smelting aluminum, scrap etc, which can be transformed and recycled. This is a way to recycle restricted resources n the country.

2. Burning the wastes in form of substituting raw materials or fuel. Industrial wastes of used lubricant oil, solvent etc, are categorized into harmful to environment but are used as substituting raw materials or fuel for limekiln. Waste exchange Company Limited is appointed from *** to be collector of such waste.


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